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Press-conference, that took place in “National Hotel”

The representatives of “ Solvay Pharma” and “Petrovax” declared the details of agreement between two pharmaceutical companies at press-conference, that took place in “National Hotel” The preparation and organization of the action was realized by PR-Premier. Press-conference, that took place in “National Hotel”

The agreement provides joint scientific researches and plant building for vaccine and immunobiological drugs production. Igor Balabushkin General Manager of “Solvay Pharma” LTD and Arkady Nekrasov, General Manager of LTD “RSC Petrovax Pharm” spoke about the project, terms and ways of its realization. They informed that future plant will be constructed according to GMP standard in Podolsk district ( Moscow region). This plant, that will start its work in 2006, will produce brand new flu vaccine, based on cooperation of modern technologies and scientific ideas.

No one can say for sure, when the humanity will meet with pandemia of flu again. The production of flu vaccine is not enough now. That is why the new plant construction is so actual as it will allow to produce 20 mln. vaccine batches per year. European Bank for Research and Development provides investments for the project.

Victoria Maysuradze, EBRD Principal Banker, told about 1,5 mln $ long-term loan provision for plant construction. Rem Petrov, Academician, attracted participant’s attention to the information, that the vaccine, created by the specialists of “Solvay Pharma” and “Petrovax”, is a kind of breakthrough of Russian science and deserves all kinds of support, including the state one.

The journalists of leading Mass Media (business papers and specialized pharmaceutical magazines) that took part in press-conference were invited by PR-Premier specialists on Solvay Pharma order.

Client: Solvay Pharma