PR Premier

Congress of cardiologists in Tomsk

PR-Premier organized an exhibition stand for Farmstandart during the congress of cardiologists in Tomsk. The congress in Tomsk – became the first place, where the reorganized group of companies “Pharmstandard” was presented to wide public. The main target for the PR-premier specialists was to attract the public attention to Farmstandard and to create the communication field between the participants of the congress and the company. Congress of cardiologists in Tomsk

On the 12 and 13 of October there were organized different intellectual (pharmaceutical and Farmstandard products theme) and musical contests for the stimulation of public interest with prize drawing. The symposium “Cardiologic patients in polyclinic doctor’s practice: dioagnosis, treatment, emergency“ and the participation of leading specialists : cardiologist Raphael Aganov and the president of national scientific – practical society of emergency service Arkady Vertkin, arouse a great interest among the congress visitors. The unique book “ General medical practice” by John Nobel was presented to the guests during the prize drawing after the symposium. The festive dinner took place in one of the best restaurants of the city on the 14 of October. The organization of the evening event and entertaining program were realized by the PR-Premier specialists.

Client: Фармстандарт