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Panasonic Second Football Tournament for President Cup among invalids

PR-Premier provided the support of Panasonic Second Football Tournament for President Cup among invalids sponsored program. Panasonic Second Football Tournament for President Cup among invalids

The tournament was widely supported by the Government of Russian Federation. Michael Zurabov, Minister of Health and social development was at the closing ceremony and Alexander Pochinok, Prime minister assistant made a speech and said: “ those who win today tomorrow will win on the world sports grounds. This is one more good proof for the government – to invest money in sport. “

The awards were distributed among the winners in 5 groups. Also the special awards were given to goalkeepers, forwards, full-backs, halfback. Among the amputation invalids the golden medal went to Moscow team “Olympia”. Among the partially blind sportsmen – the prize was won by the team from Tula, among deaf sportsmen – from Nizhni Novgorod. Among the sportsmen with infantile cerebral paralysis –the winner became the team “ Lev Chernoy – Olympia”. Also Moscovites were the first in the “ special Olympiad” for sportsmen with intellectual disorder. Teams of absolutely blind sportsmen and women teams were specially marked.

Among the young people the main prizes given to Moscow teams “Vozrogdenie’ and Lev Chernoy – Olympia”, also to the teams from Moscow region, Izhevsk and Norilsk.

For the second time Panasonic has become the sponsor of the tournament, in support of general philosophy – Panasonic ideas for life. For team-winners and players - winners the company prepared valuable prizes: TV-sets, musical centers, video recorders, DVD-players, microwave ovens, photo cameras.

During the closing ceremony the Cup organizing committee and Russian union of invalids addressed to the team from North Ossetia and asked the sportsmen to deliver two raising lifts and one Panasonic TV-set for unable children – terroristic act’s victims, that lay in Beslan’s hospital.

Client: Panasonic