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KinoSTART - 2005

Another stage of the KinoSTART project has been carried out in Voronezh and Lipetsk. KinoSTART aims to teach children to make movies and is run by PR-Premier for Panasonic to promote the company’s brand Ideas for life. KinoSTART - 2005

In accordance with the rules of the festival, five creative groups, representing amateur film studios and secondary schools, are set up in each participating city. Each group includes five people: a director, a script writer, a costume designer and an assistant director. The number of actors is not limited. The experience in movie making or own equipment are not necessary: to ensure equality Panasonic provides NG-GS 400 GC-S video cameras to all groups of participants.

Under the guidance of a professional director and a cameraman, the children have made short films: documentaries, feature films and films on social topics. The work at a film involved two stages: the aim of the first, theoretical stage was to gain a basic knowledge about production of movies, the second stage included shooting and cutting.

The results of KinoSTART 2005 are expected this autumn when a jury that consists of professional film makers, will decide who are the winners.

PR-Premier specialists are organizing and providing PR support to KinoSTART.

Client: Panasonic