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Annual Conference on prevention and treatment of HIV infection

The Annual meeting on summing up the implementation of priority national projects in the health sector under the heading "Prevention and treatment of HIV infection, hepatitis B and C, detection and treatment of patients with HIV infection" took place on December 3-4, in Suzdal. Annual Conference on prevention and treatment of HIV infection

At the annual meeting of the company Janssen Pharmaceutical H.B. symposium was held, "I want to live long! I want to live well! New first-line antiretroviral therapy. The symposium discussed the latest advances in prevention, diagnosis and treatment of HIV infection.

Following reports were presented: "Antiretroviral therapy in Russia," Speaker, MD Jurin O., "Peculiarities of treatment of patients with HIV infection who have not previously received treatment for ARV" Speaker, MD Stepanova E., "New possibilities of therapy of early lines of the study TITAN» Speaker MD Kanestri V., "The contribution of second generation protease inhibitors to the success of treatment of HIV infection" Speaker, MD Kravchenko A.

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Client: Janssen-Cilag