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Press conference “Comcor-TV: new strategy, new services, new name”

As part of a promotion campaign for Akado brandname (earlier known as “Comcor-TV”), PR-Premier has organized a press conference “Comcor-TV: new strategy, new services, new name”. Press conference “Comcor-TV: new strategy, new services, new name”

At the press conference Mikhail Silin, the general director of “Comcor-TV”, and Warren Mobley, Chief Executive Officer of Moscow CableCom Corp. (that holds a stake in “Comcor-TV”) set out their reasons for rebranding.

The launch of a new brandname resulted from upgrading the company’s equipment. Initially it offered cable and satellite television services. At present time it broadcasts programs in a digital format, radio programs with studio quality sound and provides unlimited high-speed Internet connection. This has become possible with the company installing new equipment, a modern digital platform, which significantly increases its technological possibilities as a provider.

Currently there are no brands on the multimedia market that sound similar to AKADO. The company expects the new brand to be associated with a modern multiservice company in future, but at the same time they do not single out one of its spheres of interest.

Client: Комкор-ТВ