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A regional УPicolandФ project

A regional УPicolandФ project, organized by SloveniaТs KRKA to mark the 20th anniversary of a well-known complex of vitamins УPicovitФ, has been successfully finalized. It was organized and carried out by the specialists of PR-Premier, who developed the idea, scenario and design of the events, made equipment, reached agreements over the events with local authorities and organized celebrations in 13 Russian cities. A regional УPicolandФ project

The project combined informational and entertainment aspects. The main objective was to instill a healthy life style into children t and tell them about the role of vitamins in health improvement. With this aim in view a scenario of an interactive fairy tale has been made up, with children participating in the performance. Under the leadership of the positive characters from a fairyland Picoland (the Queen of Health, Picolina) children fought with anti-heroes Ц the Witch of Cold, Avitaminosis.

УPicolandї stirred up not only the childrenТs interest. In each city a movable consulting center was operating, where parents could ask pediatricians any questions about child health, while their children were participating in games and wining numerous prizes. It is important to say about the social focus of the project. Children from disadvantaged backgrounds, orphans and handicapped children attended УPicolandФ events. All transport and organizational costs were paid by KRKA. For the other children participation in the УPicolandФ project as well as in the contests was also absolutely for free.

УPicolandФ was a really large-scale event, both in terms of the number of cities and participants involved. 110,000 children from 13 Russian cities took part in the project. No other pharmaceutical company has carried out in Russia a project that could be compared with this. Moreover, every next performance was more lively and brilliant, as one and the same team was working in each city.

Client: KRKA