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All-Russian educational project for kids and teenagers “KinoSTART” has started its work. The project is supported by the Ministry of Education of RF. KinoSTART

It aims at teaching teenagers to shoot good films on their own. 15 teams of kids and teenagers from Moscow, St.-Petersburg and Nizhny Novgorod have been invited to participate in the first project stage.

Currently, professionals: graduators from the All-Russian Institute of Cinematography, actively working in film industry - conduct master-classes with children, teaching them the ABC of their profession. The project participants will begin soon to shoot short movies. The films will be demonstrated and assessed by the Jury during the final event - movie festival “KinoSTART-2004” that is supposed to be held in Moscow during the spring kid’s holidays.

The project “KinoSTART” is implemented in frames of Panasonic ideas for life promotion.

Client: Panasonic