PR Premier

Events dedicated to the Women’s Day Celebration

Two bright events dedicated to the Women’s Day Celebration were conducted on the 6th and 8th of March by PR-Premier under the request of Panasonic company. Events dedicated to the Women’s Day Celebration

The celebrations were held in the trade centers Ramstor City and Gorbushkin Dvor and attracted thousands of spectators.

Famous VJ Tutta Larsen from MTV, Valery Sjutkin and Andrey Gubin, traditionally popular among female audience, performed for the spectators. During these festive days the audience could also enjoy the presentations of Panasonic new developments and various contests. All contest winners were awarded with Panasonic techniques.

The contests were organized specially for women, what was conditioned by the mood of spring holidays. The task of the organizers was to motivate women above 30 y.o. to take part in the contests. This task was successfully solved. Two main winners got digital video cams from Panasonic. The festivities got a wide informational support that stepped forward as one of the factors, helped to conduct the event at high level.

Client: Panasonic