PR Premier

Festive meeting of alpinists

The company Pr-Premier (according to order of Panasonic) organized the festive meeting in Sheremetievo-2 of alpinists that made an outstanding mount on peak Jannu in East Himalayas. Festive meeting of alpinists

The expedition “Panasonic – Northern wall of Jannu”, according to the opinion of specialists, is a very meaningful event, not only in Russian but in international alpinism as well.

This is the second year, when the main sponsor of this event has been Panasonic according to the basic strategy “Panasonic – ideas for life”.

This and the previous year the informational support of the action has been provided by Pr-Premier.

The project had a very fair coverage. Many broadcasting corporations, TV channels, newspapers and magazines paid great attention to this event.

Client: Panasonic