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Press conference «Quit smoking and win»

PR-Premier group conducted the press conference «Quit smoking and win» Press conference «Quit smoking and win»

The press conference took place on May 12 and was dedicated to the worldwide action «Quit smoking and win». The prize in amount of $10 000 would be raffled off in the action intercourse. The action has got in Russia a sponsor’s support of the pharmaceutical company Pfizer, producing Nicorette medication for nicotine substituting therapy, and Zambon Group – creator and producer of Fluimutsil medicine, which eases coughing and cleans respiratory tract of accumulated phlegm and tobacco toxins.

Medical express examination, determining the share of carbon monoxide in the breathed out air, opened the press conference. It was addressed to all media representatives having gathered for the press conference. The similar test will be applied to everyone, who succeeds to reach the final of “Quit smoking and win” action. It will prove the refusal of smoking (increased carbon monoxide concentration remains in lungs of smokers for quite a time). Besides, the gathered journalists have been proposed an interactive questioning, that preceded presentations made by speakers. It has given a positive picture as the majority of journalists have replied that smoking is rather a disease than а bad habit.

The Presidium has been chaired by Mr. Chutchalin - Academic of the Russian Academy of Medical Science and director of R&D Institute of Pulmonology under the RF Health Ministry, coordinating action in Russia. Lungs are not alone to be damaged by smoking, there for leading experts in other medicine fields have also participated and reported on various influence of smoking over people.

Client: Pfizer